What is Car Check?

Car Check, in cooperation with CARCHEX®, is a nationwide on-site vehicle inspection service.

CARCHEX® has three inspection plans to choose from that allows you to be aware of defects and conditions before you consider purchasing a vehicle and a detailed report is provided.

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The Advantage

  • Avoid buying troublesome or neglected vehicles altogether
  • Evaluate sellers truthfulness about information told to you or stated
  • Peace of mind in knowing the vehicle is everything you're paying for
  • Avoid surprising repair bills after purchasing, when you may have no recourse

The hard facts about USED vehicle

  • Certain used vehicles are for sale because of chronic problems that could not be fixed or are too expensive to be fixed. (Don't buy someone else's problem's)
  • Even honest vehicle sellers may not know all the vehicles problems that are present on the vehicle
  • Stated or given mileages are sometimes incorrect. (There are certain points in our inspection that help detect fraud or misrepresentation on mileage)
  • Many vehicles have been in serious accidents and should not have been repaired or were repaired incorrectly. (Because of salvage titles and insurance rules, they often end up repaired and end up on used car lots).

For more information please contact Rick Fattibene:
Car Check, 6 Lillinonah Dr., Brookfield, CT 06804-3213
1-888-396-5248, 203-775-4559 or e-mail us at info@carcheck.com.